Technology • Design • GIS Mapping • Oil & Gas

Making your technology work for you.

Computer, Mobile & Server

Erickson Resources, Inc. is pleased to provide CompTIA A+ Certified support, planning, and training services to business and individual users on a wide variety of technologies.

We specialize in workflow optimization, system, network, and server planning, troubleshooting, and repair of PC and Mac desktops and laptops, Windows and Linux server systems, iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

We take great pleasure in helping people discover how best to use the technology available today to make what they do more efficient and effective.

Web Design & Development

Erickson Resources, Inc. has experience with web design, development, social media marketing and management, graphic design and print layout, marketing material design and production, color separation, color theory, and more.

We excel at presenting businesses, ideas, non-profits, and events through digital and physical media.

We can create eCommerce sites, blogs, event sites, registration pages, data-driven sites, brochures, flyers, newsletters, manuals, and much more.

GIS Mapping

Erickson Resources, Inc. has ten years experience with the ArcGIS software package for GIS mapping.

We can create high-accuracy parcel maps, leasehold maps, precision location maps, and use location intelligence techniques to assist in site placement decisions.

Maps are available in digital and paper formats in sizes up to 42" wide.

Oil & Gas Data Management

Erickson Resources, Inc. has the experience and capacity to handle all back-end acquisition and curative processes.

We can digitally manage title and leasehold information, generate leases, right-of-way agreements, and other legal documents, and take care of all the information and document needs of your field brokers

Complete digital document management and storage with cloud access available.