Leasehold Mapping

Erickson Resources, Inc. is able to produce maps showing the status of your leasing, pipeline, right-of-way, or any other type of acquisitions project. We can start from existing maps or create maps completely from the ground up. We have access to a wide variety of data sources, both public and proprietary, to place any features you require on your map.

Tracts and parcels can be mapped from legal descriptions, aerial photography, or an existing map source such as Tobin, subdivision, or tax assessor's plats.

Maps can be produced at any scale - and with any level of detail - that you require.

We can regularly supply you with updated maps and reports so you can keep track of your project.

For companies that contract field brokers, we can work directly with your brokers to keep information up to date.

An added benefit of using GIS for your project is the early detection of tract overlaps and other description errors, which can often be corrected before any documents are signed, saving time and recording costs and reducing curative costs.

Location Intelligence

We can help you have time and cost by identifying locations for seismic equipment, survey equipment, rigs, tanks, ponds, and other critical parts of your operations that comply with federal, state, and local regulations. Our years of experience in oil & gas land services means we're familiar with what's required in your project area.

Need to be 300 feet from all inhabited structures? Not a problem. 1,500 feet from a pond? We know where that is, too. Irregularly-shaped surface features like these require advanced technology to find the edge of restricted areas. We have that technology and are ready to put it to use for you.

High-accuracy Parcel Mapping

We've seen many cases where there was no map of a parcel - until we made it. Metes & bounds descriptions can be incredibly complex, but we don't mind. Our streamlined processes mean we can make sense of just about anything, even tracts bounded by creeks that have moved and trees that have been cut down. Got a description that starts with a 5¾ inch wheel hub set at the base of a red oak? Chances are, we can map it.

Accurate parcel maps can help you identify how much acreage you've really covered, and can be helpful in identifying parcels and owners for the areas you still need to acquire to complete your goals. GIS technology can get you from “there are thirty more acres out there” to “we just need leases from the Smiths and the Joneses to complete acquisition.”

Custom Maps - Digital & Print

Is what you want to visualize on the surface of the Earth? Then we can map it. Whatever your need is, business or personal, we can make a map that meets it. The power of GIS technology enables us to work with an area of hundreds of miles or hundreds of feet and produce the same quality results. There is no limit to the number of things a map can contain and no limit to our ability to use GIS to understand how they're related.

Examples of map types we can make include:
  • Tracts by lessee
  • Tracts by lease expiration
  • Wells by status
  • Sections by production
  • Sections by % of wells which produced by depth
  • Hunting locations by type (ladder, climbing stand, ground blind, sunken blind, etc.
  • and many more

We're looking forward to working with you on your next project.