Document Preparation

Erickson Resources, Inc. has extensive experience creating, transmitting, cataloging, and handling every type of legal instrument used in the acquisitions process. We're familiar with countless forms and state-specific considerations, as well as legal descriptions of every type. We know a title error when we see it, and will relay it - along with what is needed to correct it - to your field broker, saving you time and cost later on.

We've developed a rock-solid reliable process using databases, templates, and merges to ensure all your documents are formatted and presented exactly how you want them, without the need for you to purchase expensive land management software. This saves time, which is especially critical in areas with strong competition. Inconsistencies between different field brokers are also eliminated. Let us handle it. We know what we're doing.

Acquisition Process Tracking

We will track your entire acquisition process in our custom databases. This means we can report to you, at any time, the status of your project. Know how many tracts and acres are leased, how many are open, how many your brokers have extended an offer on, if any have been refused, and so on. With better information you're able to make better decisions.

Process Reporting

Custom reports made to your standards are available on request - and on short order. We'll pull the current status of your project, run a quick check, and send it on to you. You'll have up-to-date information at your fingertips when you need it.

Competitor buying leases in your project? Know about it the same day and reassign brokers to the tracts you need to reach your unit interest target. When you're nearly finished with this prospect, assign some of your field brokers to another. You'll know, because the information will be in front of you.


We're well versed in preparing corrections, ratifications, power-of-attorny documents and every other legal instrument that is needed during the curative process. We can prepare and track them all, in addition to providing an extra set of eyes to verify everything is correct.

We will work with your field brokers to get them the instruments they need and follow up on their progress. You'll be notified once the instruments have been recorded, too.